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Nurses Recognition Banquet- Nurse Nominations

Posted almost 3 years ago by Pat Sonnenstuhl

Nurses Recognition Banquet- Nurse Nominations

Hello there,
It is with great excitement that the UW School of Nursing starts to look towards our annual Nurses Recognition Banquet, and officially begin accepting award nominations.
Everyone has had a nurse touch them in some way in their lives, and it's time to recognize them for all that they do. Nominate your favorite nurse, whether they helped you or a loved one heal, or they're the best on your staff.

Nominations are being accepted from now until the end of January. Winners will be honored at the Nurses Recognition Banquet on May 4, 2016. Please fill out your nominations HERE- https://nursing.uw.edu/alumni-friends/webform/nurses-recognition-banquet-awards-nomination-form

Please direct any questions to:
Mackenzie Hoy

Advancement Coordinator, UW School of Nursing

The categories are:

Distinguished Alumni Award
Recognizes a UW School of Nursing alum whose career in nursing exemplifies excellence in clinical practice, leadership in professional organizations, outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the community.
Only UW School of Nursing graduates are eligible for the Distinguished Alumni Award.

Distinguished Researcher Award
Recognizes an individual whose research, professional achievements and cumulative contributions have brought personal distinction, enhanced the profession, improved the welfare of the general public and brought honor and prestige to his or her field.

Distinguished Practitioner Award
Recognizes a nurse who demonstrates excellence in nursing care, serves as an advocate for patients, families, and/or communities, makes a recognizable difference through his or her practice and embodies the essence of the nursing profession.

Distinguished Diversity Advocate Award
Recognizes a nurse who advocates for the needs of underrepresented populations and communities; encourages dialogue and reflection regarding societal power imbalances; and demonstrates leadership in promoting diversity in nursing.

*New category:
Distinguished Advocate, Administrator, Leader Award
Recognizes an individual who demonstrates excellence in nursing advocacy, patient advocacy, administration, and leadership; serves as a champion for the nursing profession; actively seeks to improve nursing management and administration, and goes above and beyond across the nursing practice continuum.