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Support opportunity for Sexual Assault Clinic

Posted about 3 years ago by Pat Sonnenstuhl

I did not see on the Olympia Area Advanced Practice Association web site a spot to query the group. Here is our situation:

One of our clinic's jobs is to have SANE RNs (I am one) respond to the ECs when people allege sexual assault- for purposes of health care, evidence collection and documentation, in part.

We receive follow up calls to our clinic with ongoing health needs that include pregnancy as a result of rape, ongoing serial labs to rule out exposure to viruses like HIV, follow up test of cure, etc. If the patient reported to law enforcement, their mental health follow up care is covered by Crime Victims Compensation to a point as a secondary insurance. All other health care needs beyond the initial EC visit defaults to the patient's coverage, which is frequently none to low yield.

What, if any, local women's health care referrals can we offer? As a clinic we do not offer follow up care. I am aware of Planned Parenthood.

If this can be posted to the List Serve, that would be wonderful,
Thanks, Lisa

Lisa Wahl, ARNP,FNP, NP-C
Providence St. Peter Hospital
Sexual Assault and Child Maltreatment Center
360-493-7469 (phone)
360-459-2023 (fax)


Karen Swift about 3 years ago

Women can self refer to any provider who offer family practice/women's services, STD testing, pregnancy tests, etc. Federally qualified health care centers such as Sea Mar and Valley View will see patients regardless of insurance or their ability to pay.

Rosemary Spyhalsky almost 3 years ago

The healthcare needs you are requesting could be performed also be a primary care provider such as a family nurse practitioner. This might be a good opportunity to get them established with a family practice PCP if they do not have one already.

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