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Questionnaire Results

Posted over 3 years ago by Pat Sonnenstuhl

Thanks to those who responded to the questionnaire. It looks like folks like Networking and good programs the most. So, share your ideas for programs with Louise: Kaplan, Louise <LKaplan@stmartin.edu. If you have ideas for a good speaker, or a specific topic, discuss this with Louise, and we will see what we can do. 

Here are some explanations for some of the comments made:

  1. You can list your practice with more details. Click on your name and there will be a way to do this. It costs, so be aware of that. It is too much work for a volunteer to keep up with practices and practice changes, which happen all too often. I did this for many years, and it is quite a task.

  2. The website is not intended for a consumer search, but rather an advanced provider search.  With insurance plans, and differeing and developing practices, again, it would be hard to keep the information up to date. I attempted to do that for years, and it became too complicated.  Consumers use their health plans, and the phone book (on line DEX) to locate a practitioner, has been my experience.

  3. The title of our organization is intentional: we are for folks in Advanced Practice and this would include nurse practitioners AND PAs. Most of our members are nurse pracitioners, but we do have associations with PAs. We are an open organization for all folks who work in advanced practice, and students too. 

Olympia Area Advanced Practice Association

I hope this is helpful. If you have further questions, let me know: cnmpat@comcast.net