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Medical Volunteers to act in a nursing capacity at Camp Leo

Posted over 3 years ago by Pat Sonnenstuhl

Dr. Yu is in need of medical volunteers to act in a nursing capacity at Camp Leo. (This is not a MRC event.)

Additional information is in her email below.

Please contact Dr. Yu if you have more questions. You can reach her at 360-742-7261 or by email doctordianayu@gmail.com

Information from Dr. Yu:

We are looking for 2 additional nurses (Doctors willing to be medical staff, EMT, Pharmacists, ARNP) to help out with Camp Leo for Children with Diabetes. It is a camp for kids with type 1 diabetes, all kids, counselors and counselor in training have diabetes. About half of the medical staff have diabetes or have family members with type 1 Diabetes. You will get lots of experience working with diabetes so this is ideal for school nurses who have kids in their schools with diabetes.
We currently have 98 kids signed up for Middle School Camp with 14 on the wait list and Camp is more than 2 months away. The demand is high! We have facilities to expand but need to have more medical staff in order to accommodate more kids. We are fully staffed for what we planned but demand is so high we would like to get the kids in to camp.

Middle school camp is July 12 - 17. We will need staff to arrive for orientation on the 11th. Options include working only 3 days and 2 nights and sharing with another person. The best experience is to come the full session so you get the flavor of the Camp. Your lodging and food is covered. You will be working from 7 am to about 11 pm with primary medical responsibility for a cabin with 8 kids, a counselor and a counselor in training. There is a Camp Physician on duty, a clear medical policy and procedure and a lead medical staff person to help you with managing blood sugars, etc. You eat meals and participate in activities with kids. You get two 1 hour breaks during the day. You have sleeping quarters separate from kids in a staff lodge. You will be exhausted at end of camp but exhilarated and want to do it again (after some rest!)

There is also a pre-camp mandatory training for all staff either June 7 or 20th. The training is held in Lakewood. Camp Leo is held at Camp Berachah at Buck Creek, just past Enumclaw, in the foothills of Cascades. It is a gorgeous setting. Many staff coming from Olympia area so car pools can be arranged.
Please contact me if you have more questions. You can reach me at 360-742-7261 or by email doctordianayu@gmail.com

If you have decided you want to do this or for more info about camp, please go to www.campleo.org and register as a volunteer. You need to have a current professional license, malpractice insurance is provided if you do not have one.


Diana Yu
Thank you,
WA Serv