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Thanks for attending and organization update !

Posted over 3 years ago by Pat Sonnenstuhl

We had a great Networking meeting on February 5th, and heard updates from many of our nurse practitioners. Nice to see some new faces !

Thanks to Chris for hosting, coming out of retirement.  Nice to meet her replacement.  

Thanks to Meconi subs http://www.meconissubs.com/  for our discount, and thanks to all for the good food.

Thanks to Louise and  Nancy Lawton (ARNPs United folks) to update us on current issues of practice.

Mini financial report via email form Carie, who couldn't attend at the last minute. Thanks to all for paying your dues under our new system. Remember students and retired dues are only $10 and annual dues are only/still $25.

 We again voted some income for ARNPs United: http://auws.org/ 

Thanks to them for all of their efforts. 

We have some program ideas coming up, as well as need to help keep our organization viable. Most of our previous 'board members' have now retired, and we need new blood.

None of this work involves a lot of time, but we do need folks who are willing. Seems like we have locations, and ideas, so its up to us to implement and bring on the programs.  Don't forget our Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/olyareaap 

If you want to communicate something to the rest of the organization (conference, program, looking for a job, or needed to hire) please just eamail me or the website, and i'll help you with posting.  Over on the left is a contact us link, and that brings up a way to send an email to me. You can always do cnmpat@comcast.net