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Eliminating Patient Problems Related to Prescribed Narcotics: A 3-Step Solution for Primary Care

Posted about 4 years ago by Pat Sonnenstuhl

Eliminating Patient Problems Related to Prescribed Narcotics: A 3-Step Solution for Primary Care

Join us for a webinar on Sep 16, 2014 at 11:00 AM PDT.

Register now! www.controlrx.com/3stepsolution

Michael Schiesser MD is an Internal Medicine physician and Board Certified in Addiction Medicine. But in the 20 years of practice, his biggest challenge are problems presented by patients receiving prescribed narcotics. This no-cost webinar will address simple steps a clinic can take to improve patient safety, provider satisfaction, and workflow efficiency.

If you are an office manager, medical director, or provider struggling with problems in your clinic related to patients receiving prescribed narcotics like early refill requests, disruptive behavior, time-consuming encounters, addiction and unsafe medication behaviors; then this webinar is for you.

The webinar will detail how to:
  • Develop a universal process for your clinic to respond to aberrant behavior.

  • Define opportunities for support staff, providers and patients to each have a role in accountability for eliminating problems.

  • Develop a written office policy, to enable common understanding and process improvement.

When problems arise in the primary care clinic, it zaps out energy and our time. Sometimes we may feel threatened, guilty, confused, sympathetic, even betrayed by the patient. Being a professional requires we are experts at returning to reason, and this simple 3-Step Solution for reducing unnecessary problems related to narcotics creates a set of defined procedures; just some simple steps, for you to save trouble. Imagine how much your professional life would improve if you didn't have unnecessary problems due to patients treated with prescribed narcotics?

Primary care providers throughout the US are taught (or not) how to properly manage chronic problems with medications prone to abuse, like those used for pain. They are warned about complications of abuse, addiction, overdose, and death; but rarely told how to create an exit strategy when there are impending signs of problems. Organizations can follow a simple 3-step solution to reduce unnecessary problems related to narcotics by registering for this free 1-hour webinar.

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