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Advanced Practice Rules & CNS Inclusion Update

Posted about 4 years ago by Pat Sonnenstuhl

Dear Colleagues,
This e-mail is sent to all stakeholders that have provided comments on the Advanced Practice Rules.
Names are hidden to protect your privacy.

Many thanks for your attendance at meetings and numerous e-mails you have sent.
They have helped us address key concerns regarding amending the Advanced Practice rules to include Clinical Nurse Specialists.

We now believe there is enough agreement to move forward in writing a second draft for your consideration.

Once the 2nd draft is completed, there will be a hearing at the Nursing Commission meeting to receive comment.
. The CNS issue will not be on the September 12th Nursing Commission Meeting Agenda.
Many steps are needed for finalization of the draft before it comes to the Nursing Commission.

The Nursing Commission publishes it's agendas well in advance. They meet the 2nd Friday of every other month.
You automatically receive notice of the agenda being published if you are on the Nursing Commission list serve.
If you are not already on the list serve, you can sign up through Nursing Commission web site.
Check future Nursing Commission agendas to be aware of when it will be considered.

Other opportunities for comments.

There is continuing opportunity for input through e-mails to Jean Wheat jean.wheat@doh.wa.gov.
Each e-mail sent is recorded and responded to either individually or in a group e-mail to the stakeholders.

The CNS issue is on the agenda for the next Advanced Practice Subcommittee meeting September 17th 7PM.The Agenda is available on the Nursing Commission web site.
You will need to be present in Tumwater to attend.

Nursing Commission Web Site

Many thanks for your comments and attendance at meetings.

Being able to progress to writing a second draft, could not have been done without your time and comments.

Best wishes in your fall activities.

Martha Worcester
Advanced Practice Advisor
Nursing Care Quality Assurance Commission


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