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Moving Our Domain Name to its new home

Posted about 4 years ago by Pat Sonnenstuhl

We sucessfully transfered our domain name to our new host on Friday, August 28.

The link to the site the same http://www.olyareaap.org/ which will take you to https://olyareaap.enpnetwork.com/

From today forward, you will be receiving emails from the new website or from this email address. So, please make note of it.

We have a new email: olyareaap@gmail.com

Please send all inquiries, job postings, announements, etc to that email as the other ones will not exist after today. If you forget, you can always go to the website and click Contact Us

In the remodel, we've eliminated/changed a lot of things. If you can't find something you want to find, please let me know and I can locate it for you.

If there is something you think we need to add, please let us know.

We also have a Facebook page, where you can post announcements. Eventually we'll be linking to the Facebook page, but one step at a time.

I have two great ladies who've been helping with this transition, in addition to two from the staff of www.enpnetwork.com

Melnda Harris Moulton and Heather W. Latham have agree to learn the ins and outs and eventually take over management of our new site. It's actually pretty easy. Heather has already set up the Facebook link:https://www.facebook.com/olyareaap and you can start posting upcoming events there, if you'd like. 

Pat Sonnenstuhl, CNM
Olympia Area Advanced Practice Association