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Issues or Barriers Nurse Practitioner Providers Could Experience Moving to Full Practice Authority Project

Posted almost 2 years ago by Pat Sonnenstuhl

Woodley, Elizabeth U [mailto:woodleye14@students.ecu.edu]

I need some information about the following topics, related to barriers to practice. Please help me with some of the querstions below, or direct me to some resources where i can find this information.

  1. Do you have any laws about reimbursement of insurances for APRNs?
  2. Has there been positives from FPA over the past years?
  3. Do you use a formulary for prescribing medications that are not controlled substances or do you have full prescriptive authority?
  4. Does APRNs have hospital privileges to admit, manage, and discharge patients?
  5. Are there still some medical centers that mandate APRNs have collaborative practice?
  6. Are there medical practice groups that still mandate APRNs have collaborative practice?
  7. Are you (APRNs) sitting on boards now since FPA that you had not been asked to do before FPA?
  8. Do you have voting rights when asked to participate on committees or boards?
  9. How does a new graduate transition into practice?
  10. Do you have a global signature law, allowing signature of APRN equivalent of a physician?
  11. Are there any Grassroots efforts?

If you have any other comments or topics that would be wonderful. There are no wrong answers we simply want to know what you know.

Please contact Elizabeth directly. Thanks !