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2016 Legislative committee

Posted almost 3 years ago by Pat Sonnenstuhl

TO: Regional ARNP Associations

I am alerting you to our convening of the 2016 Legislative committee. If you or any of your members are interested in participating, please review the information below and get back to me. We will add your names to the Legislative Committee group.

Nancy Lawton, MN, ARNP, FNP
President, ARNPs United of Washington State
Washington State Representative, AANP

Dear ARNPS United of WA State Legislative Committee Members:

The 2016 WA State Legislative Committee convenes January 11, 2106. We are writing to ask if you will continue to serve on the committee during the next session which is scheduled to last 60 days.

We are preparing for session with WSNA continuing to provide lobbying and other services to support our efforts. Jennifer McCausland and Melissa Johnson are the two lobbyists who will work with AUWS.

Here are some details about the organization of the committee.
  1. Louise Kaplan is a pro tem with the Nursing Commission to serve on a committee related to CE on medical marijuana. Until the work is completed, Louise is not going to publicly serve in a leadership position. Nancy Lawton will co-chair and be the public person in regard to leadership. I can continue to be a point of contact for information and questions. Kaplan, Louise LKaplan@stmartin.edu

  2. The committee will meet on Tuesday nights. Typically this is weekly until certain cut-off dates occur when decisions become less pressing. We ask committee members to plan on weekly calls until we decide we can cut back. Calls will begin at 7:30. Our first meeting will be January 12, 2016.

  3. We will receive a weekly report with tracking of bills and weekly reports about selected bills. This will be received on Friday, or Saturday at the latest.

  4. We will take positions and determine if we want a member or lobbyist to testify or if we simply want to be signed in support or opposition or not have a public position. Whether a member or lobbyist testifies, AUWS members will consult to assure the message if consistent with our position.

  5. AUWS would like you to participate in Nurse Legislative Day on February 1, 2016 in Olympia.

Please respond as soon as possible and indicate if you will continue to serve on the committee. We welcome and appreciate your expertise and hope you will continue with us.

Louise Kaplan & Nancy Lawton